Welcome to Dream Hunt Resort

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Welcome to Dream Hunt Resort

Check Out Our Resort

Welcome to Dream Hunt Resort

Check Out Our Resort

Experience the Great Outdoors Like Never Before

A Hunt To Remember

Dream Hunt Resort is a unique estate with over 700 acres of hunting land exclusive for wildlife, making it a hunter’s paradise. Its captivating qualities feature a variety of hunting options, including dove, deer, and duck hunting. Whether you are looking for a daily hunt or overnight accommodations at a comfortable, relaxing hunting lodge enjoying great, home-cooked meals, your experience will be a hunt to remember at Dream Hunt Resort.

“Hi, I’m Keith Whitmore, owner of Dream Hunt Resort. My first dream in life at an early age was flying. Currently, I am the owner and operator of Pro-Air Flying Service, which provides aerial applications for the local farming community. Earlier in my career, I partook in charter flying, which consisted of flying hunters throughout the United States to their hunting trip destinations. This inspired me to create Dream Hunt Resort as I found a passion for meeting people and was given a new appreciation for wildlife. I guess you can say it’s every man’s dream to own a hunting place!

 Louisiana is known for its good food, hospitality, and hunting, which is what we are all about. Dream Hunt Resort is a unique, exquisite place to experience the great outdoors, allowing a variety of hunting opportunities offered in one, enjoyable location.” – Keith Whitmore


we believe in making memories

Here at Dream Hunt Resort, we believe in making memories, and what better way to do so than to experience an awesome hunt? Come check us out!


Customer satisfaction and comfort are a large part of what makes Dream Hunt Resort so special. Our customers always wear proud smiles as they enjoy their visit with us. We make gun safety a top priority, creating the perfect family environment at Dream Hunt Resort.


First-Hand Wildlife Experience

Visit Dream Hunt Resort to experience wildlife on a first-hand basis! With our offered hunts such as deer, duck, and dove, prepare to be amazed by the beauty of natural wildlife and its habitat.

Make Your Hunting Dreams Come True

As a family-friendly environment, we encourage you and your family to book a stay with us! There is no hunting experience like the one you will receive at Dream Hunt Resort. From duck hunting in the morning to deer in the afternoon (not to mention a delicious, home-cooked meal at night around a campfire), there is room for anyone to enjoy our accommodations.


Reservations Start in October

Hunting Season Dates For Louisiana Area 6

Due to coronavirus, we are not providing meals in our home. There are many restaurants 10-15 minutes away in Alexandria if they would like to dine there. We can still accommodate overnight stays with a minimum of 4. If they do not have 4 in their group, they will be in lodging with others, if they are ok with that. If not, there are many hotels available in Alexandria 10-15 minutes away as an alternate solution. We will take every precaution to keep them as safe as possible, with infection control measures in place, for their protection.

Due to coronavirus, we are taking every precaution to keep everyone as safe as possible with additional infection control measures in place.  Therefore, we are not providing meals as we routinely would. We apologize for this inconvenience. Rates will be adjusted accordingly. Alternate dining arrangements are available 10-15 minutes away in the Alexandria area.
We can continue to accommodate overnight stays with a minimum of 4 people. We may be able to combine groups together for those groups that are less than 4 people. There are also many hotels in Alexandria for those who choose to stay elsewhere.